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        Corporate Profile  
        About Company

        Xiamen Xiangyu Co., Ltd. was established after the restructuring of XMXYG Corporation (Fortune Global 500) with its supply chain services related subsidiary companies. On August 29, 2011, it was listed on Shanghai Stock Exchange (stock code: 600057). We are striving to become a world-class supply chain service company and hold fast to the strategic thinking of ' basing on supply chains, serving industry chains, and creating value chains. Xiamen Xiangyu Co., Ltd. provides a whole value chain from the purchase and supply of raw materials and semi-finished products to the allocation and distribution of finished goods for clients and carries out systematic and complete planning through an integrated circulation service platform of 4 flows, namely, material flow, business flow, capital flow and information flow. It has established supply chain service systems for commodities such as agricultural products, energy, chemicals, metals and minerals. Moreover, the company has made inroads into the emerging sectors, such as alternative energy, new materials, grain deep-processing and so on. Its business volumes in key categories where it holds a competitive edge are among the highest in the industry.

        Core Advantages:

        Professional R&D capability: We systematically track and professional research on macro economy, industrial development, market structure, operation mode, etc., provide decision support for business operations in China, and provide decision-making references for cooperative enterprises in terms of purchasing, sales, warehousing management and operation modes. Through the integrated operation mode of domestic trade, general trade import and export, bonded verification, onshore and offshore re-export, etc., we help customers get access to the best resources and market.


        Well-established logistics service: With the mission of “creating logistics value and serving the growth of enterprises”, we rely on scientific and advanced management information system, experienced professional operation team and efficient and strict risk control system, sound market network and well-established logistics facilities and good corporate reputation, to provide customers with the full supply chain logistics services ranging from the purchase and supply of raw and auxiliary materials and semi-finished products to the distribution and delivery of finished products. We make systematic and perfect planning, organization, coordination and control of the goods flow, logistics, capital flow and information flow throughout the whole process, and assists manufacturing and distribution companies to build the core competitiveness of the supply chain in an all-round manner.


        Strong resource integration capability: We effectively integrate the market network resources in supply chain management and logistics services, the social logistics resources in terms of integrated logistics services and logistics platforms, and build a platform to attract high-quality customers from upstream and downstream to conduct centralized transactions on the basis of our advantages in capital, scale, channels and synergy of various industries. Through our extensive strategic partnerships with our clients, the ineffective activities in commodity distribution can be minimized, transaction costs be reduced, and the competitiveness of the entire supply chain be further improved.

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